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How can the Analysis support me in my business life?

It is a method for visualizing people’s strengths, abilities and behaviors in relation to specific requirements or goals in professional life.

How does the PF-10 online Analysis work?

After clicking on START, you will see a brief overview and you can enter your emailadress, where the analysis result should be sent.

  1. Fill out the Start-Sheet
  2. Answer few questions
  3. Get the result immediately

Duration:  approx. 15 – 20 minutes! It should be carried out in one piece without interruption.

How the result looks like?

You get a unique picture of your 10 most important strengths and potential. You recognize what is particularly important when working with other people and under which working conditions you can optimally use your strengths!

As a Result you get the Overview-picture of your Archetyp 

+ the summary of the 10 most important strengths

+ the detailed overview of all your skills and potential

+ the description of the results in detail!


PF-10 online Potenzialanalyse

PF-10 online Potenzialanalyse


PF-10 online Potenzialanalyse

Ready to answer the questions?

You will be confronted with different situations from your working life. Please decide spontaneously which statement applies best and least to you.

If it happens that none of the four situations offered apply or, conversely, they all fit perfectly, please spontaneously decide on the statement that seems most appropriate to you.

So please only click on one situation that applies best and only one statement that applies least

So carry out the PF-10 Analysis online now   

PF-10 online Potenzialanalyse












Any further questions?

How does the result helps you in your professional life?

Conducting a potential analysis in teams can significantly improve collaboration and performance. Potential analysis is like a tool that helps us better understand what each team member is like. It allows us to recognize their strengths, skills and working preferences.

Why is it so important?

Better teamwork: If we know what strengths and skills everyone has, we can distribute tasks better within the team. This means that everyone can do what they do best. This makes work more efficient and results better.

Conflict avoidance: Analysis can also help prevent conflicts within the team. By understanding the preferences and personalities of our team members, we can communicate better and avoid potential misunderstandings in the first place.

Motivation: People are more motivated when they can work in areas that match their skills and interests. The potential analysis helps to increase the motivation of each individual.

Improved decision making: When we consider the individual strengths and perspectives of our team members, we can make better decisions. Different perspectives often lead to more creative and better solutions and results.


Overall, potential analysis helps a team work better together, work more efficiently and ultimately achieve more successful results.

PF-10 online Potenzialanalyse


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PF-10 online Potenzialanalyse




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